ng of spring, the first image that pops u▓p in your mind may be green p

lants.As every living ▓thing is enterin g a new cycle of life from this season,

we also need to prepare well

h a long time in human history.Its icy freshness has gra▓ced our de

for the rest

sserts, meat, soup, tea and t▓oothpaste.And a hue from the herb, mint green is one of the trendy colors f

of the 300 d

or this year.Here are ▓some fresh mint-inspired things that you can enjoy.Mi▓nt teaMint tea can soothe bot

ays.To have a fitt

h digestive and nerve system. The fresh leaves can▓ go with rose petals, ice cubes and mineral water to m

er body and a hea▓lthie

ake ▓a fresh cold drink to accompany salad.You can also dry the herb and make hot green tea with it. Ho

r look to meet challenges,

ney can be added to enhance the taste.The water temperature should not be too high; otherwise the colo

some herbs could bring de

r of the plant would be spoiled.Mint dessertMint ▓ice cream brings the icy scent of the herb to a new l

lightful surprises.Let

evel. It is often not as sweet as othe▓r flavors, which is a better choice for people who are not very fo

's say, peppermint, a magi

nd of desserts.There are also mint flavo▓red macaron and chocolate to give you a combination of fr▓eshne

cal pla▓nt that has been

ss and sweetness.Mint and peas soupThe soup▓ based on mint and peas can provide a lot of nutrition. Fi▓r

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